Partner with Thrive

Thrive partners help expand positive mental health among all UBC faculty, staff, and students. You or your group can plan an event, help promote Thrive week, or get people talking in support of mental health.

Four ways to partner with Thrive

  • Special Event Partner

    Plan and promote a special Thrive event for students, faculty & staff, or all members of the UBC community

  • Thriving Partner

    Promote your regularly scheduled event or activity as a “Thrive”event or host an event for a specific audience such as your club or department

  • Promotional Partner

    Help promote Thrive by emailing your group or network, putting up posters, or spreading the message through social media

  • Faculty Partner

    Foster positive mental health in your learning and teaching environments by promoting Thrive’s key messages and healthy behaviours


More information

The Thrive planning committee wants to help make your event a success. We can support your event or initiative by:

  1. Providing activity ideas and planning resources
  2. Working with you to build the theme of positive mental health into your event
  3. Promoting your event to the campus in the weeks leading up to Thrive, and sharing poster templates and communications tools for you to use

Tools and Resources

Tips for planning your event or initiative

Positive mental health incorporates multiple aspects of a well-balanced life, and each thing you do to take care of yourself counts. If you’re planning an activity to help others Thrive, it’s likely that your activity will help people in one of the following ways:

  1. Educate – Increase awareness of what it means to Thrive
  2. Motivate – Increase the commitment of individuals to incorporate actions and participating in activities that promote positive mental in daily life
  3. Skill-build – Increase capacity for resilience and coping strategies within the UBC Community