Planning Toolkit

Building positive mental health through your Thrive event or initiative

Positive mental health is an important aspect of overall wellbeing. When planning your Thrive event, it may be helpful to consider the questions below as guidelines to help your group and community thrive:

How could your event/activity provide opportunities for individual and/or community actions that support positive mental health and resilience?

You can do this through:

  • Advocacy
  • An educational event (eg. workshop, presentation or panel)
  • Fostering connections among your target audience/group
  • Skill building opportunities (eg. Develop a new skill, try something new)
  • A landscape scan of what already exists on campus within your unit, department, group, club

How can your event/activity increase awareness of the connection between overall wellbeing and mental health?

  • Consider whether your event makes a connection between different aspects of overall wellbeing and mental health
  • Determine which wellbeing priorities are reflected in your event or will be focused on as part of your event

How can your event be inclusive of diverse perspectives and populations on campus?

  • Review the Planning an Accessible Event document & the ‘Incorporating wellness into your event’ checklist
  • Review your event idea with a group of stakeholders
  • Connect with Thrive committee liaison
  • Connect with departmental administrators or organizational leaders

How can your event/activity increase awareness of UBC’s commitment to supporting mental health and resilience?

  • Create awareness of existing campus resources
  • Encourage the utilization of available tools (self-help, online, academic, professional)
  • Highlight existing University policies and procedures related to mental health and resilience

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Support for Special Events & Thriving Partners

The Thrive planning committee wants to help make your event a success. We can support your event or initiative by:

  • Providing activity ideas and planning resources
  • Working with you to build the theme of positive mental health into your event
  • Promoting your event to the campus in the weeks leading up to Thrive, and sharing poster templates and communications tools for you to use to support your own event promotion
  • Sending a Thrive Ambassador to your event as a representative and to provide event support

Communications Resources

Activity ideas

In your community

A station or booth set-up for passersby to indulge in making a craft (e.g. colouring pages, making cards, stress balls, bracelets, or origami).

Try a new type of exercise during Thrive week with other people who would like to exercise in a group setting (e.g. go for a walk with a colleague, have a group try out a UBC Recreation drop-in class). Exercising with others can be a great motivator to get moving. For more ideas, visit Move UBC.

A group trip or tour to one of the many attractions around Vancouver, including the UBC Farm, Museum of Anthropology, or off-campus locations such as the Grouse Grind is a chance to stretch your legs, change up your day-to-day schedule, and get to know your group and community better.

Entertainment provided in your building to promote relaxation and social bonding. Music students may be hired to play during lunch or break times.

A documentary or movie screening followed by discussion and refreshments, be sure to check out the UBC Feature Film Public Performance License for films that can be screened at UBC.

A workshop that helps participants understand more about and/or improve their health and wellness. Visit the Wellness Centre for a list of wellness workshops for undergraduate and graduate students. Or, check UBC Wellbeing for audiences across campus. If you're looking for faculty and staff workshops, see the "In your department" section below.

Coming together as a group for a shared meal, snack, or break helps foster inclusion and a sense of community. Consider sharing plant based and protein rich foods, which help our minds and bodies to thrive throughout the day.

Do you know of a quiet or peaceful location on campus? Highlight this as a ‘Thrive Space’ and invite community members to visit, de-stress, read a book, take a moment to re-charge, or take a walk with you there. Check out these UBC hidden gems for relaxing spaces and places on campus.

In your department

A complementary ergonomic assessment offered to members of your department or organization. A designated time period can be set-up to have these assessments performed for anyone who is interested.

A food drive or hamper organized by your department or unit for a local food bank. For UBC Vancouver, food can be collected for AMS Food Bank or Greater Vancouver Food Bank. For UBC Okanagan, food can be collected for UBCO Food Exchange or the Central Okanagan Food Bank.

A space on an office wall for people to place notes of gratitude and appreciation for others.

Invite your team or group to bring in lunch items to share one day. Note allergies and restrictions for the group. Connecting socially and over food are great ways to contribute to everyone’s positive mental health.

A workshop hosted to highlight issues related to health and wellness. Non-profit organizations can also be asked to host these workshops. For a schedule of workshops and wellness events at UBC Vancouver, visit For a list of groups and individuals who can host a workshop free of charge, contact Melissa Lafrance. To host a workshop at UBC Okanagan, contact Tracey Hawthorn.

A daily walk for the faculty and staff in your unit throughout Thrive week. Routes can be planned out beforehand.
Check out existing walking groups on campus or how to host your own walking meeting.

In your classroom

Click here for more information about building positive mental health into your learning environments.



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