Thrive News and Updates

Explore the research, events, and initiatives that keep UBC thriving year-round.

Highlights from Thrive 2017
See what Thrive 2017 was all about, and get inspired to try something new any time of year. Read More

#LetsThriveUBC Challenge Winners
Congratulations to this year's winners of the #LetsThriveUBC Challenge! Find out who they are and how they thrive. Read More

Project identifies teaching practices that promote student wellbeing
Through examining the impact of instructional practices on student mental health and wellbeing, this project is helping create classroom spaces where students can thrive. Read More

UBC initiatives aim to prevent suicide
This year, UBC researchers and health advocates have made breakthroughs in suicide awareness research. Read More

Professor Ono commits to wellness at Thrive Kick-off
At the Thrive Kick-off on Oct. 31, UBC became the first university worldwide to officially commit to improving the health and wellbeing of students, faculty and staff. Read More

Yellow is for Hello
Meet the friendliest bench on campus. The Friendship Bench is a physical reminder to sit, breathe, and talk (or think) about mental health. Read More

Partner with Thrive
There are four ways to become a Thrive partner. By partnering with Thrive, you or your group can contribute to this dialogue and support positive mental health at UBC. Read More